Madi Salinas Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing has always been an interest of mine. Last Summer I had the opportunity to work with a company and run their social platforms. As of now, I work with multiple different companies running their accounts, ads and helping with their website.

In order to reach your maximum clientele, I have formulated several steps in which I can help your brand expand virtually. With several packages available, there should one suited perfectly for your company’s needs. Weather you need a photgrapher, social media manager, Google Ad advisor, or all of the above, I am here to help!

Example Instagram Feeds

OREG Insta
Jay Insta

Example Instagram Stories

Zin Story
Zin Story 2
Zin Story 4
Zin Story 3

Packages Include

– Social Media Management

– Instagram and Facebook Ads

– Google Ads

– Story Posts

РAttend Events on Behalf of Organization 

– Website Consultation

– Contact 3rd Parties For Any Advertising Needs

РTrack Analytics 

– Weekly Meetings and 1-1Interactions